4Team Schedules4Team

4Team Schedules4Team 3.0

Schedules4Team is a add-on tool for Microsoft Outlook
3.0 (See all)

Schedules4Team is a cost-effective solution for workgroup and personal use that has been designed an add-on for Microsoft Outlook.
You can easily access a common workgroup calendar and share their appointments, meetings, events and resources with or without Exchange Server using just e-mail features.
Schedules4Team is a add-on tool for Microsoft Outlook based on functionality of electronic messaging (e-mail).
When you or your teammates add meetings (appointments) to Calendar, the program converts them into e-mail messages. Microsoft Outlook sends them out to your teammates.
Upon receipt of these messages on their computers, the program converts them back into meetings (appointments) and places them into the Schedules4Team folder, where you can see it in regular Calendar View or specially designed TimeLine Grid.

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